Breast Cancer is currently the most common cancer worldwide and more than 3300 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in New Zealand this year. Early detection is the best tool for fighting breast cancer and the most common method for detection is mammography. Today, other approaches and technology can facilitate earlier detection of breast cancer. 
This is why Mercy Radiology uses 3D Breast Tomosynthesis, or TOMO for short, allowing radiologists to get a clearer image and faster results, meaning you can get back to what matters most: Life.
TOMO provides a 3D image of the breast producing clearer images, regardless of breast size or tissue density. With TOMO the X-Ray tube takes multiple pictures from different angles. This information is then inputted into a software program, which produces a clear three-dimensional image of the whole breast.
This provides the radiologist with multiple images, meaning they can get a clearer image of the breast tissue, rather than just the one image typically delivered by a Mammogram. This allows them to:
• See small lesions and other signs of breast cancer 
• Detect cancer years before you potentially have symptoms or signs of disease
• Reduce the chance of a false-positive result. The chance of having a false positive after 1 mammogram ranges from 7-12 percent, depending on your age.
All of this means clearer images and faster results.
Why Mercy Radiology?

Core Benefits of our approach at Mercy Radiology includes: 
• Preliminary results on the day from our onsite radiologists
• Additional screening if required which is available on the day if convenient
• The ability to fast-track final results
This takes the pain out of waiting for your results, allowing you to get back to what matters most: Life. Book with Mercy Radiology today.

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