We see you clearly. We find ourselves in unique circumstances due to the arrival of COVID19, specifically the Delta variant.   Mercy Radiology's ' patient first' approach has not changed and we'll be staying here for you. We have adapted to the 'new normal' to ensure you, our teams and partners remain as safe as possible.

Maintaining Health and Safety 

Safety and experience are top priorities for us:

  • We're focussing on basics like hand-hygiene, surface decontamination and appropriate social distancing in our sites.
  • We're using screening questionnaires and technology to ensure we can deliver safe care.
  • We have access to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for our teams.
  • We've adjusted appointment times to minimise cross-over between patients and to allow for surface cleaning between appointments.
  • We are keeping track of who has been at our sites and minimising visitors / non-essential traffic on all of our sites.
  • We have a range of digital and online options (e.g. online booking) to make life easier and safer for you.
  • We have contact tracing procedures.
  • All staff that continue to work onsite are fully vaccinated, and will be taking regular Covid tests.


Locations & Services Available

All sites except for our St Lukes branch are open under Alert-Level 3 and we continue to offer diagnostic and therapeutic services in line with regional and national health guidance.  

We ask that you please book your scan or enquire online before presenting for your scan.  


What services and sites are open?

Under Alert Level 3, all branches are open except for St Lukes.

Can I come in if I have been in contact/tested for COVID-19?

Upon booking, please inform us if you were in contact/tested for Covid-19.   As part of our Covid-safe measures, you will be required to complete a screening questionnaire before your scan/procedure.

Important note if you are booked for an appointment with us:  If you feel unwell, are suffering from any flu-related symptoms or have visited a location of interest, please give us a call to reschedule your appointment or for further advice. 

How do you screen your patients and staff for COVID-19?

For the safety of our teams and patients, we perform screening questions on all our patients.  All staff that continue to work are all fully vaccinated and will be taking regular Covid tests.

Can I go into the room with my child when they have their X-ray?

We will assess this on a case-by-case basis. To enhance social and physical distancing at this time, we are minimising the number of people on our sites at any one point in time. If you are allowed to accompany your child, you will need to complete a screening questionnaire.

Are you open for X-rays and can I walk in?

We are open for x-rays, but would highly recommend you book your appointment online.  Online booking is available here. 

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

No, we are minimising the number of people in our sites and will therefore ask that family / friends / support people remain outside or in your vehicle whilst we perform your scan.

What types of scans/procedures are available under COVID-19 Level 3?

We can perform a range of diagnostic and treatment interventions in accordance with government guidelines.  See your referring clinician to assess your health and wellness requirements.

I'm due for my routine mammogram, can I still have it done?

Yes, we are able to perform routine mammograms or routine breast ultrasound patients under Alert Level 3.

Is it harmful for me to miss a mammogram?

If you have no symptoms or changes in your breasts, any risk associated with delaying one mammogram is low. We would recommend that you discuss your specific risks, clinical and family history with your referring clinician.

What if I find a lump in my breast?

We are continuing to provide urgent breast care services over this time. If you find a lump or other worrying changes in your breast we advise you to contact your GP who may refer you to us for a mammogram and/or ultrasound.

Do I need to wear a mask when I come in for my X-ray/scan?

Yes.  As part of our Covid-safe measures, all patients are required to wear a mask/covering to their appointment.